Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More work Doodles and stupid concept

Where theres a whip theres a way... The first batch were doodles from Rankin Bass' (sure i am spelling it wrong) The Lord of the Rings. I think they were insane to make a movie with such detailed chacter designs, but atleast it was something different. Same can be said for the music, like modern day minstral music.

Wolverine was fun cause i hardly ever draw super heros. When i do it is either Thor, Wolverine or Conan...too much testasterone? yes sir!!! but that is what comics are all about, beating shit up in a manly way.

The last drawing I did in sketchbook pro....wow what a great program. I find it hard to use with a tablet, the cursor is so small it is hard to see....but drawing feels so natural on it and the line looks great. I am still trying to find my process but this guy turned out alright. A stupid concept (Sandninja) but who cares it was fun to draw. I could seriously draw stupid concepts all day...wait...i do.


Jeremy Polgar said...

These are dope, man. I dig the stupid "sand ninja" homie with the skull sword. I really like his movement and volume. Inspiring.

david gemmill said...


THE SIR, James Suhr said...

i love the arab ninja guy at the bottom of this post. the top sketches, are those from watching the hobbit. if so, yeeeaah! i was just watching the other day as well. :)