Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I did this last night when i couldn't sleep. I don't know what it means but i like it

Monday, December 08, 2008

Animation Dump!!!!

Some more animation. The head chop thing I did a few months ago for fun. The Cowboy shooting the fly I did tonight. The punch line is another cowboy comes from OS at the end and is full of holes. HAHA stupid cowboys. Still have to animate that...The last animation I don't remember when I made... but its a copy of a richard williams sneak walk

This is the Def Leppord Pour Sugar on me song. I just love the weird trippyness in the beginning.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A new approach - Speed Animation

I have been playing around with how to approach a scene. I did all this animation *about 15 seconds* in an hour and 1/2 hour as a challenge to myself. This is how I approached it.

1. make coffee - i wanted to be awake for straight ahead animation.

2. Use a design - i wanted a character i was familiar with.

3. Audio - Listen to the audio about 15 times in a row, really thinking about it in my head and understanding what i wanted to do. This was the new part for me and I think it really helped.

4. Do it straight ahead on 1's in flash. Don't even listen to the audio cause you know whats going to happen. concentrate on the drawing.

5. Just draw the big shapes. Don't stop and go back to clean up drawings. If he goes off model keep going! screw it! you might find he changes for the better. Its so lose when you clean it up you can make it right.

6. after finishing the drawing go back and retime it and fix camera moves. I was drawing him way off the frame but didn't care cause its so easy to fix in flash.

Well it was a fun experiment. Some parts of how i approached it arn't the best way to do animation. This scene could of worked well doing pose to pose for the walk cycle and cycle the animation... I like how the ending turned out though. When I do this again I would defiantly work on 2's instead of 1's. I thought might capture more energy on 1's but it really slowed me down and I had to delete a lot of drawings. I found that sitting down and REALLY concentrating on the music was helpful.

Let me know what you thought? I plan on cleaning him up and refining the animation.
any suggestions would be great.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Doodle Update

These are some drawings from my sketchbook and my Chinese Junk/Spanish Galleon ship design. I really like the face expressions for the top guy. Its fun to just draw cartoony, wacky expressions