Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HOORAY!! done with my test.

I finished my test finally. Here are some study drawings i did to warm up. The smaller ones are the first ones i did. I would scale them down and push them to the side as I moved a long. You can see how my drawings get more confident over time. Now hopefully I will get the job. HOORAY DENTAL!!!!

I am feeling inspired by two things lately. Roller Derby and Judas Priest. They go hand in hand me thinks. I highly recommend this ridiculous Priest video "Breaking the Law". THEY HOLD UP THE BANK WITH THEIR GUITARS!!!!!! awesome! that kinda silliness is timeless.



THE SIR, James Suhr said...

I took the test a long time back (didn't get it), but i must say that rintoo is an adorable character and you did him justice.

Dee C.K. said...

nice sketches! Ni hao, right? =)

Mike Moloney said...

hey yup Ni Hao. I didn't get the job though... Ah well they were fun to draw! especially that Tiger, he is really cute.