Sunday, October 05, 2008

Animation Ripper Fun

I did this short animation for fun over the weekend. It is to the song "The Ripper" by Judas Priest. I am planning on doing more of the song, let me know what you think?


damon said...

looks good

i like

cool design

George kaprielian said...

over the weekend huh, nice. cool designs and nice animation man.

thanks for the comments.

Kristina Bustamante said...

You are a god! This animation's amazing, and as I told you on the phone, it doesn't even look like you did it on Flash. Also, I never listened to Judas Priest's music before this. I think I'm gonna go give his stuff a spin on Pandora right now. Whee!

THE SIR, James Suhr said...

this was really cool! i would love to see you do more. the only comment i have is to push the adam's apple even more up and down the throat or make it's current action even more exaggerated. this is cause the rest is so strong that when the character stops to show off his adam's apple 'dancing' it really needs to be as exaggerated.