Friday, November 21, 2008

GrannyPirate Props

I did this for my prop class at the union. I like how some of the props turned out...especially the trunk/walker for granny pirate. The flag could use some more work and i could push the shapes even more. Kinda bummed the teacher didn't even look at it. Also most of the students in there are i usually spend my time drawing them, I'll have to post some of them one day.


dwooman said...

props to your props.
thats some funny stuffs

ryan said...

This must be the granny ship you were talking about. But where's the dildos?

Mike Moloney said...

alas no dildos...i'll have to use that next time i design granny props. The granny strap-on haha

david gemmill said...

solid detailed work, man. nice granny design too. you drew the floral patterns well..almost too WELL.


I am craving some mediterranean cafe. eh??