Monday, December 08, 2008

Animation Dump!!!!




Some more animation. The head chop thing I did a few months ago for fun. The Cowboy shooting the fly I did tonight. The punch line is another cowboy comes from OS at the end and is full of holes. HAHA stupid cowboys. Still have to animate that...The last animation I don't remember when I made... but its a copy of a richard williams sneak walk


This is the Def Leppord Pour Sugar on me song. I just love the weird trippyness in the beginning.


ryan said...

haha you should put these in the dailies folder

Jeremy Polgar said...

I like this one a lot.

Mark J. Lehman said...

This stuff is great, man. Love the sword fight.

david gemmill said...

haha these are great! the def leppard thing is so awesome. hahaha the cool face coming apart and back together is one of my favorite parts!