Sunday, June 06, 2010

blatent plug - commercial I directed

Check out this commercial i directed at titmouse!!

cartoon brew liked it too!! which is nice cause you know how harsh they can be. We made it in flash in about 2 weeks, if you have any questions on how we created it just ask! There is a longer version of the video on the 'get him to the greek' page on facebook. Check it out!


Alfonso Estrada said...

Congratulations Mike! I saw the post on Cartoon Brew the other day and when they mentioned who directed it I said "Hey I know a Mike Moloney, and he works at Titmouse too! I'm so excited to see you directing stuff. The commercial looks really cool, fun,and well animated. I can wait to see more work from you as a director! Was the storyboard/idea by you as well?

THE SIR, James Suhr said...

Yeah! I saw this the other day and thought it was really cool. I'm glad to know that you worked on it.

chrisallison said...

Dude, Mike, this RULED! Seriously just a crew of 3 people?

Man, I love how much you Titmouse folks move the camera around. Feels so nice. I wanna learn that stuff and I feel like traditional animation schools of thought don't address it. Where'd you learn that kinda stuff?

I'll show you my film once I get a rough composite. I'd love to learn from you!

Mike Moloney said...

Fonse- ya I did the storyboard/animatic. The idea wasn't mine though, Chris P. came up with the story idea and style frame, both of which were awesome.

James - Thanks :)!

Chris- Thanks dude! Those camera moves i learned by looking at cool anime haha. Most of those camera moves I animated the character first, then made the background move to the character, if that makes sense.

Cool I cannot wait to see it!! The stills you have been posting look incredible!

7414Stars said...

Wow, Mike!! This is such a very awesome animated commercial!! Congrats!!
I'd love to see a better clearer version of this, please :)

Mike Moloney said...

Hey Tika! thanks so much. You can see a better version on the get me to the greek page on facebook.

I'll show you a better version at work sometime though, cause the only thing online is a centercut/ no letterbox.

Geeo said...

Very cool video mike. Did you use pen tool pencil tool or brush to get this linework? Thanks Mike the animation was really nice.

Mike Moloney said...

Hey Geeo - Thanks so much! we cleaned up using the pencil tool
1 pt. thickness. The animation was usually roughed out with the brush tool.

7414Stars said...

Hi Mike, yes, it'd be awesome if you have some time on Monday to show it to me :)
Very very cool! Again, congratsss!

rad sechrist said...

You did that, that was amazing!!!!

Tony Pantaleo said...

So great Mike - definitely not what I expected!!! I knew you were directing for a couple of their things but it's good to see the fruits of your labor!

david gemmill said...

Whoa awesome work dude!!!!!

i totally see some Moloney animation styles in there! Really cool perspective and camera moves!

super awesome work!!!

now i gotta learn how to draw and animate so i can compete.

keep up the great work!

Marnie Brumder said...

WOW!! Congratulations! That was awesome! You really got a knack for doing awesome things!! Gaaahhh... Thanks for sharing! :3 :3

Mike Moloney said...

thanks everyone!!! It really means a lot to hear from you. :)