Wednesday, April 29, 2009

keep on trucking

gotta keep on trucking even though i'm tired!!

this is a second pass on my marching guy. I still gotta rework his cape, and push a few things more...Defiantly would like to put more CHARACTER into the walk. Perhaps a baton toss and twirl and a popeye air step would be fun.


Firefly said...

why do you stay up so effing late!

david gemmill said...

oh nice dude! i love assymetrical walks. no cheating there. looks like everything is moving nicely in perspective.

my only suggestion would be maybe to push the back foot post a little stretched further back?? if that makes sense. i guess it;s hard to explain, but its a minor nitpick anyway.

looks great!!!

Mike Moloney said...

hey thanks for the advice, I think your right about the foot, it feels cramped. Its gonna be fun to clean up and make it nice

ryan said...

looks A LOT better