Saturday, April 11, 2009

SpaceFight eary eary stages

I have a lot of different ideas of how i should do this, so I'm just gonna start animating lil thumbnail action sequences that I think are cool and frankenstein the final animation together.

So far I know I want some kinda environment change, limited cutting*and when I do cut i do it very very fast*, multiple transformations between the two fighters and some kinda resolution. The music is temporary, but I like the tempo and speed. Adding music can really help get the imagination going and the energy up!

That is a train being attacked by the way, don't know if you can tell from my crappy thumbnails *I animate with the screen being very very tiny so I get good drawing milage.

Some other thoughts I have are

1 skull ship is trying to stop the ship from bombing the city
2 the ships grow hands and make it go hand to hand.
3 It gets reduced to a fist fight between pilots at the end.

Anyway thought I'd just start animating, I could try to plan it all out, but knowing me i'd never start...

so I'm just jumping in!..... JUMP!


Ben said...

woOowweee! thats crazy!

ryan said...


Kristina Bustamante said...

Sometimes jumping is the best way to get to where you want to be. Cool rough animation!

joshua wysocki said...

great use of perspective!

Steam Pirate said...

I think it'd be funny if it starts as a gun fight, then the ships grow hands and they go hand to hand, and then maybe once the ships are destroyed, it's a gun fight between the pilots until it finally ends up being hand to hand with the pilots. And then their faces open up and it's little people controlling them like that Eddie Murphy movie.