Sunday, May 03, 2009

March! March! March!

This is what he will look like

Here is my rough walk cycle

It turned out pretty cute, I'm happy with my final design of him, its complicated looking but pretty simple to draw. It reminds me of those 70's cartoons like conjunction conjuction. Do you guys have any suggestions before I take it to a more final level? Perhaps push the kicking out more, or tweak some of the arcs? I want to add more drag to his hat plum too.


Historian said...

whohh! this is good. I wasn't going to suggest you change anything, but since you mention it, the hat plume swinging back and forth dramatically would really look fun, and add the the ridiculousness of the character.

keep it up!

david gemmill said...

dude. KICK ASS!! mad props for animating that fucking difficult costume design, leave it master animator MIKE to take on such a massive task.

david gemmill said...

hey i was tooo busy watching the loop and didnt read your post. As for crits after watching it a ton of times, if you want nitpicks, haha: the feet/legs look really awesome and solid. when he kicks with his right leg, its like his body volume is growing a little bit.. you did it in flash right? should be an easy fix to scale it ever so slightly. Also the cape overlap looks great, but seems to be sticking in one part...but i thinks its because you havent added inbetweens for it and were probably gonna finsih that in the final stage.

also the right arm looks more like its popping (during its punch) where as the left looks like it holds a little bit more at full extension. but you could have been going for that.

again these are super anal nitpicks. it looks awesome regradless!!

Mike Moloney said...

Hey thanks guys for the critics!

Historian - ya i'm totally gonna have some drag on that hat plume, make it fun and bouncy!

david- hey thanks for the suggestions! You've got good eyes. The body does grow and I'll be sure to try keeping it consistent. I'm glad you brought up the cape and arm punch cause i wasn't 100% happy with those and am gonna go over them again. Thanks! i really appreciate it!

joshua wysocki said...

as in the words of mortal kombat.. "FINISH HIM!!!"

ryan said...

hahaha the cleaned up/colored version is super hilarious, hilarious proportions! his tiny ass face is really funny.