Friday, May 08, 2009

Memento Mori

Just did this for fun tonight, not planning on cleaning it up or fixing all the weirdness. Its Winged Death and the last pose I was thinking of a certian Kley ink drawing. I love Memento Mori artwork and might do something like this but more planned out. Its kinda weird I gave him a tail and werewolf legs but it was fun to not worry. All straight ahead as you can probably tell.


joshua wysocki said...

oh no, my nightmares are alive!

and what i mean by that is your animating again!

chrisallison said...

damn mike! i haven't been back here in a while and you've been kicking serious ass. this straight ahead piece is RAD. i really feel the weight when he's flying.

i really like the walk cycle below too. super rad retro style and super fun motion. if i had a crit, i'd just say that you should really try to group our spacing around your keys. you have some funny poses in there, and if the timing favored the keys more, they'd be on screen more and the audience would see them a little better. but that'd make it more snappy and might not be what you were going for.

i definitely think the plume having some overlap would make this even more hilarious!

you fucking rule dude! GO MIKE GO!

Phil R. Hernandez said...

Dude your little shorts are awesome! They're a lot of fun to play.

ryan said...

haha that end pose is scary and awesome

david gemmill said...

this is great. another winner. i like variation in his wing flaps. nice work!