Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Animating again: CLICK TO PLAY

At work I'm doing some actual traditional animation. Its the first time I've done it professionally so it's a little nerve wracking but a lot of fun. Here is a guy I animated a few years ago to celebrate the occasion. He was a design for my scraped Senior Thesis....



Why would I ever Scrap this guy!!!!!!

Its weird to be animating again but a great learning experience. I left school just wanting to do boards..... but animation is so helpful for boarding!!!


Kristina Bustamante said...

Nice to see that you're enjoying animating. It shows, too, since you've been cranking out a lot of fun stuff on here. And, yes, it helps to know animation when you're boarding, since you're almost animating without the in-betweens.

david gemmill said...

dude this is awesome and hilarious! really nice fat movements. hahahaha. thats cool you're finally getting to animate. Seems like a dead art form. I gotta finish my mini cartoon and post it.

i havent sent off my cintiq yet..soon. hahahaha. i don't want to part with it just yet.

Erik D. Martin said...

Oh my god haha that's pretty good dude but my gawd! haha awesome

ryan said...

haha i just noticed how small and hilarious his head is. (the one between his shoulders, you pervert!)

*daisy said...

aw, i was gonna leave a comment to your "why is it so late" post but it disappeared! sad. But I concur- MONDAY ALREADY?! ack : P

Moro Rogers said...

Eee, grossness! It's awesome.