Saturday, January 24, 2009

My 5 second day Film - The Magic Gnomes

Here is my 5 second day film. First Thanks to Chris and Shannon at Titmouse for having this day. It is such a wonderful idea and generous of them to put it on. I had so much fun making it! and was influenced by a lot of different incredible artists, check em out!!

Chris Hinton's film "Nibbles" was very influential

Nacho Rodriguez's Mr. Coo series. This guy is super talented and after animating the giant i realized that he was a Mr. Coo lookalike

Also the art of Ronald Searle, David Gemmill's awesome animation *especially that crazy walk he drew with the nose bouncing up and down and those Red Bull commercials.

Thanks again to Titmouse for putting this on!!! and check out all the awesome animated shorts people made soooo funny!


chrisallison said...

Hhahahaha, awesome animation, Mike! I like the jolly gnomes drinking out of their hats. Good times.

Thanks for the Cintiq advice. I didn't want to wait so I just bought mine at Fry's. Woohoo! CINITIQ CLUB!

david gemmill said...

HAHHHAHAHA this is great. really nice timing and chew cycles

my favorite parts where the gnawing, on the leg and the bird part at the end was especially funny. it made me GUFFAW.

the sound effect and tongue worble.

great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

*daisy said...

sweet!!! love the animation- great stuff in there! and to think it was all done in a day? crazy... : D

Mike Moloney said...

haha thanks!! maybe a day and a few hours on wed....but whos counting

Kristina Bustamante said...

I thought this was the cutest short at the screening. I love the gnomes so much, it just makes me sad that they get eaten in the end. The crazy, John K. style animation is awesome. The random bits of the gnomes chomping on air to show their sharp teeth - haha, so funny!