Friday, January 02, 2009

Feeling guilty for not posting get some old drawings!!!!

The first one was a comic I made when I got that game Spore....You have a real feeling of how massive the universe is but it all takes place in front of your computer...pretty ironic.

Conan...I love that crazy dude.

Seaweed fan art...made when I first got my cintiq and was checking it out. Seaweed is an amazing comic drawn by Ben Balistreri who is super talented.

I quickly fixed that Weird 2 I like this one better

oh and


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david gemmill said...

the conan where he is pointing his sword is really funny. like "you're mine asshole" type of pose, as he emerges from the swamp.

Seems like you've been holding out on us. you have all these cool archive drawings. haha